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  1. Wir werten die Artikelserie über Freifunk in der c't aus.

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  2. It has been a wild ride and this post marks the completion of GSoC 2019 for WireGuard Tunneling in BMX7. Throughout the summer a lot of effort has been put into coding, documentation and codebase restructuring; it has been a appetizer for what awaits us coming Autumn. My fork can be found here. WireGuard Plugin […]

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  3. This marks the end of GSoC 2019 and I am proud to announce the project has come to a mature stage. It has been a great pleasure to work with my mentors Paul Spooren and Moritz Warning. Firmware Wizard There have been some updates to the Firmware Selector since last update.And the working version along […]

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  4. I am very happy to have participated in this GSoC. I’ve learned many things and I’ve been able to implement stuff that I hope it is useful. Things that have been achieved Busted unit testing framework integration Coverage report integration. Final coverage output CI integration with Travis. The build was split in two stages: unit […]

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