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  1. Nun aber haben wir Sommer 2021 und FreifunkerInnen finden sich noch immer in Gerichtsverfahren wegen Filesharing und sollen die Verantwortung für das Handeln Dritter übernehmen.
  2. Prologue : Hello everyone 👋 This is the first update on the GSoC 2021- Retroshare Mobile App Project. Recap : The goal of the first project was: Upgrading the project with new statemangement tool. Adding short invite and QR code invite feature. Adding import account functionality. Upgrading the project with new version of flutter. Adding […]

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  3. As a next part of my work, I want to start with a client capacity measurement. I want to find out how many of my Wifi clients support the different standards like 802. 11v / 802. 11k / 802. 11r etc. Since the access points know which features the clients have, I just have to […]

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  4. Prologue Hey community 👋This is the first update on the GSoC 2021-Freifunk Digital Twin Project. Recap The goals for the first phase were: determine a management tool for 100+ VM´s and OpenWrt Devices figure out how to fetch and prepare topology information from routing daemons So let´s see how that went… Achievements After testing and […]

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